Road to Legacy: Strength in Stories

If you think about it, stories bond people in a way almost nothing else can. Across race, religion, age tales of life, love, and passions are a common language. Whether recounting embarrassing antics or celebrating unexpected victories, stories allow people to feel a sense of togetherness. Because, at the very core of who we are, is the desire relate to others.

Austin, Texas, a city I’ve lived in for much of my life, is one of those cities that has a big population, but a small-town mentality. If you can look past the congested freeways, it’s actually a close-knit community, filled with driven and forward-thinking people. All of whom are looking for a place to share their stories.

One of the places I most enjoy reading about the movers and shakers of Austin is in a local magazine, called Austin Women. Monthly, the publication features a “Woman to Watch,” and inside the pages I would read the words of strong and innovative women, who were seizing their passions by the horns, and wrestling them into fantastic opportunities for themselves. It was… inspiring.


It was in those interviews that I began to think about my own legacy. I didn’t just want to read about other women fulfilling their dreams, I wanted to be able fulfill my own! And, so I decided to take action.

A single working mom, with two boys in high school, I began to think about how I would be able afford to send them college. I wanted them to be able to fulfill their dreams, but I also wanted to achieve mine.  I started looking into ways to supplement my income, and through a series of trial and errors, stumbled into a Real Estate Investing class, and the rest is history.

But… more on all that another time.


For right now, what I’ll say is, the business of fulfilling dreams is a messy one. Things rarely go the way you think they will. Sometimes (often times…) you feel like throwing up your hands and waving the white flag. Other times, you feel on top of the world. I’ve had great successes and terrible setbacks. And, I want to share that all with you. Because I think the story of how I got here is important for you to understand why this is so much more than just a place for you to spend a weekend.


Next post, I’ll be starting from the beginning! Stay tuned to see how a women’s retreat in the Texas Hill Country started me down the bumpy curvy road to Legacy Hideaway.


All the best, 


- A





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