Legacy Hideaway & BEYOND 2021

The Beauty and the Beast

February 2021

We have all said it-- “what a crazy month.” Gillespie County was hit pretty hard by that crazy storm. Some community members STILL don’t have power. The silver lining is learning how committed this community is to helping each other. Crazy kindness!


For those guests that had to cancel their stay at Legacy Hideaway, we are sorry and understand your disappointment. We had a trip planned to the coast to celebrate our 16th anniversary so we understand. But I am so glad you stayed home…the power went out at Legacy Hideaway on February 11th and stayed off until the 21st. Then the water was off until February 28th.  Phone and internet came back online today. Fortunately the house is fine.


For future booked guests and those of you that haven’t booked yet… Now we are dealing with big broken tree limbs and not just a few. AND oh my pond! My poor pond it is filled with big limbs that fell from the oak trees and more leaves than ever before. Richard and I are cleaning up the property to make it safe before you get here. Many of the trees along trail have lost BIG branches.  The beauty will come back. The birds are hungry and have returned to the feeders. The woodpeckers were on the feeders today. Hoping the iris and wildflowers come up soon. You will have plenty of firewood to enjoy s’mores at the fire pit.


Please give grace to all those you meet in our community during your visit. Many had a horrible experience and are just now recovering. The lineman, the plumbers, tree contractors are working all over the county and they have long wait lists.  A special thank you to my neighbors on Walnut Creek Rd., Vacasa Management, the Harper Community, and our family and friends that reached out offer support and/or help. Y’all are the best and I am forever grateful.


Richard and I are doing everything we can to make sure the property is not only pretty but safe.

Looking forward to your visit so you can make good memories with your family and friends and enjoy some s’mores around the fire pit.




Photos ---The beauty and the beast!         Beauty photos by Jennifer...



Ten days into January and we have already experienced snow at Legacy Hideaway TWICE! We were able to enjoy the first snowfall on New Year’s Eve! It was unexpected and magical. That beautiful white fluffy stuff falling from the sky lifted my mood in a way I didn’t realize I needed. I smiled, I played and I laughed and it gave me HOPE.


I have so much HOPE for 2021.  I miss my family and I hope to gather them all at Legacy Hideaway to give them hugs and kisses. I miss my friends and I hope to host the BIG GIRL’S BIRTHDAY party and retreats. I hope you get to come to Legacy Hideaway and if you can’t experience snow….you can experience the wildflowers, the birds, the sunsets, the stars and the relaxation and peace that makes this place so special.



For 2021, I wish you hope, health, and happiness… and of course a trip to Legacy Hideaway to make memories with your family and friends.

Always, Anita


Enjoy the snow through Richard’s lens.